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A family photoshoot in Kent, Washington is a large responsibility for a professional photographer and can often lead to some very stressful circumstances. But when you learn a few simple tricks, a family photoshoot quickly becomes fun and exciting. It is also a chance to capture photos that convey plenty of love and happiness about family members. When done properly, you can end up with gorgeous family photos that remind you of the joyous memories and years spent together. Here are some tips to ensure that your family portrait photo shoot goes off without a hitch.

First of all, be sure to keep track of all props and equipment at hand. Familiarize yourself with your photography lighting equipment so you don’t waste time or effort adjusting it in the middle of the portraits. Also, use the right types of backdrop and props to help illuminate your family portraits. Soft natural light works best for faces, while studio lighting creates shadows which are not flattering on faces.

Also, you should do to make your family photoshoot successful is to give your photographer clear, concise direction about how he or she will be taking the images. Don’t get your photographer into a bind by asking him or her to take several shots. Each image should serve its own purpose and not be an afterthought. Give your photographer clear instructions about where a photo may be moved, or if the pose needs to be adjusted. Let him or her know if you want special effects such as smoke, fog or twilight, or any other photography technique.


Have all of your family members sign release forms before the photography begins. This will help protect your privacy and prevent any kind of unforeseen circumstances that could arise between you and your family during the photoshoots. Your photographer will also be more confident and secure, if he or she knows that his or her photos will not be sold or distributed without his or her explicit permission. Family photography is an expression of your love for each member of your clan; therefore, you don’t want to jeopardize it just to save some money. It’s better to get along with the idea and just have fun with it rather than worry about legalities later down the line.

One big idea for your photo shooting session is to do a series of poses. Start out by doing a couple simple poses then expand into a couple of poses that are similar but still different from one another. Keep in mind that each of these poses has its own purpose, and that if you change one pose, you might have to do a complete reboot. Do the posing exercises early so that your family photographer won’t have to rush to get shots when the sun is shining and everything is going smoothly. These tips will help your photography session go off without a hitch. Remember that the family photographs are very important to you, so treat them as you would your own images. Don’t rush through them, relax, and enjoy the whole experience. Remember that family portraits are meant to be cherished forever!

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