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Fashion photography is a field of photography dedicated to showing clothes and accessories in an aesthetic and captivating manner which improves them in the market. Over a phase of time, fashion photography in Kent, Washington develops its aesthetic with improvement of models, clothes, and accessories, improved by the employment of stylized artistic techniques, unique settings and exotic locales. This article looks at the ways in which fashion photography changes over the years. It also discusses the current trends in this field.

In the earlier years of the field, the shoot was done with the help of the camera as the only camera that a photographer had been his/her hand held camera. Today, most of the models prefer to have their photographs taken using high end digital cameras that allow them to alter their looks and mood during the shoot in various ways. This allows for a better understanding and control of the moods that are required in the photos. With digital cameras, many photographers are able to retouch and edit photos and this has led to the integration of editing systems in many fashion photography magazines.

Over the past few years, magazines dedicated to fashion photography have published fashion photographers portfolios in them, which show the range of photographs that they have taken for specific ranges of events. The fashion photography portfolio looks at the range of subjects that the photographer has covered and the effect that they have on the models. Today, the trend is moving away from the portfolios and instead towards the look books or magazines that display the photographs.
A fashion photographer may also work for an agency or freelance for some designers who need photography for various occasions. The fashion portfolio gives the photographers a chance to show off the work that they have done and showcase their talents. Many times, fashion photography is used to create publicity and display the latest looks of the season by publishing various look books or magazine covers. There are also magazines that focus entirely on this area of photography and create classy catalogs, which are bought by top fashion houses. These catalogs show the work of the photographers and help in choosing the best photographers to cover upcoming events.
The world of fashion photography is highly competitive. It is one of the few areas in photography that has seen growth in the number of photographs taken each year. This is mainly because there is always a constant demand for images related to weddings, birthdays, baby and childbirth, Christmas, Halloween, and so on. All these occasions demand photographs of children, young boys and girls and so the need for good fashion photography is always high. Another reason behind the growth of this genre is the increasing competition faced by many of the existing photojournalists in this field.
Over the past few years, street fashion photography to has seen a rise in popularity. This genre includes shots of people from various locations of the world who usually sport fashionable urban wear, which is very popular with the general public. The most popular and widely used styles in this category include city wear such as jackets and hoodies, casual wear, and lingerie. The images of women in these categories are often clicked by customers in order to be used for creating catalog photography. Such images are then displayed in the online fashion store of the photographer.

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