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Food photography in Renton, Washington is basically a still life photography niche used to produce appealing, still life pictures of food. It’s a growing specialization of commercial photography, typically the goods of which are utilized in advertising, magazines, packages, menus, or cookbooks. Food photography also employs photojournalism, which is the art of taking stills and using them to tell a story. A food photography business could be a part time job or a full time career. Many food photographers take a photo of the food at every stage of preparation, from before it arrives on the diner’s table to after it is served.

Others will even create a still-life to display with the dish, creating an illusion of having actually watched the meal being prepared. With the right equipment, photography can be a rather simple process. Lighting should ideally be dim, and the food should be presented in its own container. Depending on the style of the food photography, food presentation may also require some posing. Professional photographers have mastered lighting to make stills look like art.

Food photography is in essence a branch of social media photography. Food photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with ease. They can also be posted on Instagram and other popular social media outlets. Commercial photographers in this field have learned the importance of lighting while taking food photography. The food photography, then, serves a practical purpose in conveying the message of a restaurant’s restaurant offering. The lighting, for example, should not be harsh or dark. It should render the entire scene in shadows but make subtle highlights throughout the restaurant. Under natural lighting, the lighting would be soft and beautiful.
Restaurants should take note that there are various types of food photography. There is macro photography, which is usually taken from great distances; these are very large format photographs. There is also studio photography, which may be small or large format, but is aimed at taking close-ups of one subject. There is candid photography, which is more personal and relies on spontaneous expression; the restaurant has the freedom to choose the topic of the photo. Others specialize in food photography of specific cuisines, such as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, or Thai. There are also specialized photography of the dessert table, which showcases the different toppings and flavors of a particular dessert.
During the preparation stage, the restaurant should be careful with the lighting arrangement. In food photography, it is important to have natural light rather than artificial light. The lighting arrangement should provide a feeling of spaciousness and intimacy within the restaurant. The lighting should be done in the proper manner as well. This will depend on the time of day, and the natural light available. Having a photographer with a comprehensive portfolio and a vast experience in food photography will ensure that the outcome will be an exceptional work of art.

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