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Portrait photography, otherwise known as portraiture, is an outstanding form of photography geared toward capturing a person or group of individuals by utilizing effective photography techniques, backgrounds, and suitable poses. A portrait photo can be very artistic or quite clinical. Many times, professionals will commission a portrait for special occasions, like weddings, school celebrations, or even commercial events. Portrait photography in Kent, Washington can also be done for friends, neighbors, co-workers, or for the purpose of selling a portrait.

Lifestyle Photography. Portraits can also be done for the sake of photography as a hobby. One of the most popular areas of photography is lifestyle photography. Portrait photography of individuals in their own environment presents a more honest reflection of their personalities. In this category of portrait photography, the subject is often required to wear certain clothing, poses are often arranged to match the environment, and often poses are lit with natural or artificial light to help create a more realistic effect.

Environmental Portraits. One type of portrait photography is called environmental portraits. Environmental portraits utilize various techniques to capture the subject in natural settings, usually outdoors. These can include scenic shots of mountain vistas, rivers, or other natural landmarks. The background is often dimmed to eliminate distracting contrasting colors from nearby scenery. A skilled photographer can create an elegant and serene environment that helps the viewer to focus on the person being portrait photographs.
The best technique of portrait photography uses the advantage of being able to move the camera while the portrait subject is being shot. Moving the camera allows the photographer to capture the subject moving naturally with no sudden movements or jerks. The photographer can also control the angle of the camera while shooting so that everything is captured in focus. This technique can be used when there is movement at the back of the subject or front.
Color Photography. The final type of portrait photography is color photography. In color portrait photography, the camera is exposed correctly in color, allowing the colors to pop. This technique usually requires the use of an automatic flash, although some photographers prefer manual exposure compensation. In this type of portrait photography, the lighting is usually not as important since the color of the backgrounds will usually stand out more than the lighting. For example, the background may be near white and the subject could be wearing a dark shirt with a bright blue tie, making for a beautiful picture.
Portrait photography offers many opportunities for talented portrait photographers. Some photographers choose to focus on one area of expertise such as portraiture or fashion photography. Others choose to specialize in portrait photography so that they have a firm grasp on all aspects of this photographic art. With proper lighting, a knowledgeable photographer can capture striking photographs of friends, family, and colleagues.

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