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Generally speaking, senior photos are given a special appointment by a professional photographer who is in control of senior photos only during that particular time period. This makes sense because senior photos are made to capture specific aspects of aging for a person’s benefit. For example, the senior photos of a child will usually show the child’s ups and downs, while the senior photos will show a more mature behavior, like the senior citizen turning in his wheelchair and beginning to walk again. Senior photos in Kent, Washington are created to provide an enduring image of a person after he or she has reached the point in life where they can begin to look forward to seeing their children or grandchildren.

In a way, these photos act as a sort of preview for what may lie ahead in terms of family. Photography is a very popular profession amongst many seniors and their family members. It gives them something to focus on, and also something to pass down to their children or grandchildren. This is especially important with senior portraits. Some photographers have begun offering digital downloads of the senior portraits, which allow family members to print the photos and keep them for many years. This option is very convenient for many seniors, but it may not be right for every family.

There are a number of reasons why a senior photo shoot may not be right for a particular family member or friend. Sometimes, the photos taken just don’t capture a part of their personality. Perhaps that was their whole problem in the first place. Some seniors may look younger than they actually are, so they may look unnatural in a photo taken, even though they are naturally much older than their chronological age.
Other times, the photos taken in a junior year of high school or college may not hold up as well when it comes time to have senior photos taken. This is especially true if the subject was known for having difficult skin or even acne problems. The makeup used may not hold up for long periods of time, or the lighting may not be appropriate for their skin tones. For these reasons, having a professional hair and makeup people do the senior photos for you is a great way to get the results you want. You can save time because the photographer knows what works and will not waste your time with applying or changing makeup or products because it didn’t work as well as you had hoped.
Your senior photo session will generally start out with shots of the regular aspects of your face – including your hairstyle and makeup. From there, they will add in various elements to give your character a different look. Perhaps your senior subject has light skin, but you know that they always wear a dark colored suit, so having the lighting do the shadowing for you during this stage of the process is crucial. Even a slight change in the angle or the makeup used can make all the difference in the world.
Finally, they will move on to more playful poses where you will have to try out some exciting moves. A great idea is to have your photographer position you so you are facing the camera, but then have them take some random shots of you doing the stunts you want to try out – it’s sure to be fun to get these photos and it helps your personality come through. After your session is done, your photographer will make copies of any of the senior pictures and bind them into a scrapbook for you. These are just a few of the many ways your professional sports venue photographer will make sure you are satisfied with your senior pictures.

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